If you are thinking that is complicated getting married in Peru or you have not too much time we can help you in this matter, we provide Assistance with Civil Wedding Procedures in accordance to the Peruvian Civil Law. This is a fast and convenient service, you will save time. How much it will cost depends on when you are planning get married? We will provide you a list of the fees, cost, payments, medical test, ceremony, etc. (These additional cost are not included in our fee) .

Don’t travel wondering what to do? The most important is that we will do the job for you, enjoy your time with your bride. Plus you will provide you a translator during the ceremony.

We will walking you through the application and sponsorship process for your fiancée or wife and her children, if is the case.
This is an efficient service, at a lower cost, within the specified timeframe. You will be given all the information and instructions required to carry out the pertinent procedures.


Are you planning getting marry or apply a visa for your fiancée or wife? Definitely you will need to make legalizations and translations.
Depending of your case we will let you know if you need legalized or translated your documents (Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, Baptism Certificate, Decree of divorce (s), etc.


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